The blackPanther OS development has started in 2002 by Charles K. Barcza. The First public version was 1.0 (Codename: Shadow) in 2003. Since then, the development is continuous, every year a new version is released. The last stable version,  v16.2SE has become available in Aug. of 2016. (v17.1 still under development) It was among the 5 top popular distributions January of 2010 on www.distrowatch.com.  More review on Wikipedia (Hungarian) here 〉〉 

(I’m so sorry because the big wiki English and Simple Wiki pages it was always deleted from Wikipedia by admins in 10 years! Oviously a discrimination against Hungarian developers)

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blackPanther OS / Security logo and brand name

The blackPanther brand name and logo all right reserved by Charles K. Barcza


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