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Latest DVD relase

V16.2SE (Silent Killer)  Upto 64GB RAM 

License : free
Release date: 2018. marc. 10. ( applied updates and bugfixes)
– Check before write –

MD5 sum  SHA1 sum

Download “blackPanther OS v16.2SE (Silent Killer) 64GB” blackPantherOS-v16.2SE-64GB-SilentKiller-DVD.iso – Downloaded 11197 times –

Other outdated releases from Silent Killer

DVD release

License : free
Upto 4GB RAM for very old PCs

Release date:  2017. aug. 10
Check before write – MD5sum  SHA1sum

blackPantherOS-v16.2-SilentKiller-DVD.iso (6423 downloads)

CD relase

V16.2se (Silent Killer)  Upto 4GB RAM

License : free
Release date: 2017. aug. 10. (changed: installer, sec. updates)
(Virtualbox: if slider stop not freeze, just press ESC immediately when it appears)
Check before write – MD5sum  SHA1 sum

blackPantherOS-v16.2-SilentKiller-CD.iso (1627 downloads)

Media Center

2017.1 BETA (MediaCenter) – License : free
Release date: 2017. oct 21.  Size: under 700MB
Important! This is a test release: Kodi 17.4, based on 16.2se
With installer – added network configurator in boot time, updates, small changes
Check before write

MD5 sum: 92daf49b7313f2d3c43ac262d03ce085
SHA1 sum: 530601a803b84cf19f6d10aef0b1ab768ed2bd29

Download “blackPanther MediaCenter” blackPantherOS-MediaCenter-2017.iso – Downloaded 1764 times –

Older free releases

Silent Killer

V16.1.x (Silent Killer) – License : Free
Release date: 2016. october. 15.


MD5 sum: 62f121a4270e3b279293233ab3cc63a2
SHA1 sum: d03e63602c22f9f4b6433230fb904f28163849b4

v14.1 KDE Desktop dark themev14.1.2 (Walking Dead) – License: Free

Release date: 2016. januar

Important! Check before write…

MD5 sum: 9fd1f8d4e6159c3d2bbbeb6477f161b3

Download “blackPanther OS v14.1.2 (Walking Dead) - ISO” blackPantherOS-v14.1.2-WalkingDead-i586-CD.iso – Downloaded 46858 times – 699 MB

Other releases

11.1.2-3v14.1 (Waling Dead) Release date: 2015 august.

v11.x (Darkness) Release date: 2014. june

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