Useful Smart Commands

You don’t like the console? Don’t worry, this console will like you!

For the available useful commands and for this screen in blackPanther OS type :

$ commands

The list of available console commands:

  1. commands (this above screen)
  2. copying  (copy any file(s) to another destination)
  3. installing (install a RPM application/packages from any source)
  4. moving (move any file(s) to another destionation)
  5. packagefinder (looking for a RPM package)
  6. packagemaker (easy create a RPM package)
  7. removing (remove/delete any file(s))
  8. services (start/stop , enable/disable system services)
  9. settings (console based system settings)
  10. systemlog (watch system log )
  11. updating (repos, packages, system update

If you need more help for some commands, then use the commands with –help switch !


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