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I’m using the blackPanther OS as server on many hosts.  The blackPanther OS installation and configuration is very easy.  Here is an example for the simple Apache server:

#installing apache-mp-prefork

And then run it manually:

# services httpd start

You will get a blackPanther Webserver right now:

More security on my blackPanther OS-Webserver

I attached in to the update repository a few useful RPMs,  if  other people want to use the same service like I use in my the blackPanther OS servers.

New kernel variants are available:

Grsecurity is an extensive security enhancement to the Linux kernel

kernel-grsec-desktop-3.13.5-1bP-1-1bP.i586.rpm (also latest, source and devel rpm too)
kernel-grsec-server-3.13.5-1bP-1-1bP.i586.rpm (also latest, source and devel rpm too)
Tool for GrSec kernels: gradm-3.0

RSBAC (Rule Set Based Access Control) is an open source access control framework for current Linux kernels

kernel-rsbac-desktop-3.4.5-1bP-1-1bP.i586.rpm (also latest, source and devel rpm too)
kernel-rsbac-desktop586-3.4.5-1bP-1-1bP.i586.rpm (also latest, source and devel rpm too)
kernel-rsbac-server-3.4.5-1bP-1-1bP.i586.rpm (also latest, source and devel rpm too)
For Rsbac kernel’s tool name is rsbac-admin (to run in terminal type: rsbac_menu and you will get this)
The next one is Tmux a very useful console based application to server managing or monitoring:
Tmux is a software application that can be used to multiplex several virtual consoles, allowing a user to access multiple separate terminal sessions inside a single terminal window or remote terminal session. It is useful for dealing with multiple programs from a command line interface, and for separating programs from the Unix shell that started the program.[1] It provides much of the same functionality as GNU Screen
To run the blackPanther OS specified release type in termial:  blackPanther-tmux [press enter] and you will get this :

The tmux installing and running howto:

#updating repo Update
#installing tmux
Standard config will provide to you 4 standard console screen. Two konsole is divided into main screen, 2 is normal.
The pre-definied hotkeys:
You can select with ALT+1/2/3/4 keys a console window
You want switch between frames with ATL+a Up/Down/left/right buttons

To list all hotkeys, type:

tmux info

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