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Although we started the year of 2021 with shocking news for those who believed in the Hungarian tales when despite the previous ministerial news, the 20 years old blackPanther OS which was offered for totally free, did not become a part of the Digital Success Software Package. Instead of it the Digital Success (DJP) programme announced the “National Software Package” which was a Snapshot (not nominated for release) of an Irish origin copied system. It was examined by “experts” for 2 billion HUF! (More details at the end of this article)

One of the main goals of the blackPanther OS development was to create a Hungarian alternative for the Hungarians.

Distributors wanted!

Unfortunately after 20 years of struggle we have to forget this idea, because our country and the people who work in this area don’t respect others’ works, they don’t respect other Hungarians, and they sell their honour, their values and their own country for illicit profit.

Because of this we choose another way, we choose a country where our 20 years, our unique solutions have values, and where they don’t want to steal or destroy them. We choose a country which takes the opportunity.

On the initiative of the official representative of the Estonian E-Resindents in Hungary, the Draken OÜ starts the commercial distribution of the Hungarian blackPanther OS in Estonia.


Although we have blackPanther OS users in several countries, it is an exceptional case. There was no case before when a Hungarian Linux distro became commercially available abroad.

The Callcenter at work developed to blackPanther OS.

In the previous years the team of the Draken OÜ and their registered Hungarian companies have successfully marketed their developments in Hungary. The operation system for them was shipped by the blackPanther Project, and not a fashion system made by a multinational corporation.

As a reference: These are the machines with blackPanther OS from a Call Center which use the Draken team’s KIOSK and ERP solutions. They use these machines since 2016 without any problems, without reinstallation.

CallCenter machines before delivery

The Draken OÜ webpage:

Estonia has become Europe’s digital superpower!

Why? Maybe they did not steal everything, they did not insult the “national” word. Instead, they developed…

blackPanther OS at many Hungarian Schools without any Government support!

The Hungarian “National” Software in one thought (which is a copy of LinuxMint snapshot)

What is the consequence of this unfairness what they did with the assistance of the DJP and with 2 billion HUF? With this “system” what they published as “national”, the Microsoft became more embedded into education, into businesses and into the everyday life of the citizens because it is totally useless. I won’t go into more details but I would like to write an article about their installer if the people want. But why? For who in this corrupt world? They just could use the explored weaknesses to steal some billions of HUF again…

The Hungarians wanted it. Good appetit, it is tasty!

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