blackPanther OS v11.1 Darkness is Out

Charles Barcza from the blackPanther OS Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of blackPanther OS v11.1 (Darkness).

Here are some of the major improvements, fixes and updates since Beta:
– Available 10(!) official repositories with up to 10.000 packages
– Firefox 6.x and Xulrunner with nss, nsp and dependences packages
– The install / live disc include Gimp again (2.7.3)
– Fixed all reported bug
– etc.

CD ISO image download here from:

or from:

and other unofficial download sources…

Screenshots from installed system

23 thoughts on “blackPanther OS v11.1 Darkness is Out

  1. Tried contacting you by email but not sure if it’s going through?

    Love the new release but it does not recognize my Sony Ericsson MD300 3G USB modem. DSL connection is fine but I need the modem as backup for when the cable goes down which here is often 🙂 Other KDE distros such as Kubuntu and Kororaa see this modem and allow me to set a connection. Is there a way I can do this with blackPanther? If so, it will need to be in words a non techie Linux user can understand.


  2. wygląda nieźle, zamierzam spróbować, szukałem czegoś opartego na mandrivie w obrębie 1 cd

    looks shiny, i’m going to try it, i’ve been looking for sth based on mandriva, but within 1 cd

    greetings from Poland

  3. Hi,
    Is this installable Live CD or only installation CD?
    Do you have an IRC channel for BlackPanther OS?


  4. Just checked this out, saw it on softpedia.
    After a few days, I must say I am really amazed at how simple, stylish and user friendly this is. Thank you for all the hard work. Keep it up. 🙂

  5. Hello,
    I like the installer and the distro lxde but is not recognizing the ps2 mouse (usb mouse is ok) and have no sound ,sound is ok with all other linux distros .Have tried to change the settings , also installed alsamixer but still no sound. If any clue please let me know.
    Thanks Joseph.

  6. Good Release! I like the fact that you use Mandriva’s graphical configuration tools, Ubuntu’s driver management, & you include media codecs ready to go. Also, I absolutely love KDE. It’s much faster than GNOME 3.


  7. Liking this version 11.1. I did have to burn it to a dvd tho. Could not get it to boot off a cd. 699 megs pushing the available free space on a cd. I cannot get any of the alternate desktops to install. Specifically Gnome. Is this feature still in progress? Thanks.

  8. This media is a Live AND installable release.. And yes have an IRC channel on the channel name is

  9. Please send me all information from you hardware. Type in the console by root:
    lspci -v >> joseph_computer.txt
    echo “==============================”
    lsmod >> joseph_computer.txt
    echo “==============================”
    ps aux >> joseph_computer.txt
    echo “==============================”
    aumix-text -q >> joseph_computer.txt
    echo “==============================”
    ls -l /dev/dsp >> joseph_computer.txt
    echo “==============================”
    ls -l /dev/snd/* >> joseph_computer.txt
    echo “==============================”

    the my address: info AT blackpantheros DOT eu

  10. Hi, need you a active internet connection and installed system update for other desktop install but the Gnome not working correctly yet..:(

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