blackPanther OS v11.1 final, where are you?!

A few weeks ago the development of v11.1 is stucked and a lot of our followers asked when will the final release come.  Sorry, but I don’t know. Since 2003 the development of blackPanther has gone from my own resources. Till commercial fibers were concerned to the development was not a question how can we finance it. But after 2007 this commercial fiber of blackPanther was terminated. So, the development gone from my own resources and I made the borders. Between 2003 and 2011 the estimation has reached 20M HUF. (~105,000.00 USD) That is/was the point what I would not like to step over. The obsolation and malfunction of hardwares made the situation worse, this parts we could not replace without resources. In this case, the machines we have used for development are gone down.Untill beta3 from the 3 devel notebooks, 2 servers, 2 desktop PCs just one developer machine stayed alive and this (a few weeks ago) gave up to work.

Interesting statistic that we have used 16 DVD writer just in the last few years. We wrote just blackPanther images with them that we sent with post for free. The reparation of the hardwares is meaningless and would just cost more. At 31 of august the free service of EditDNS will be over and would rise our charge higher. Nowadays, when the users have 50 MBit internet at home the broadbend of our server is unaccaptable. I have to face with the fact, that I have to invest a lot to continue my job, to develop the system. This cost I wouldn’t like to pay alone, I guess you can understand it. This is why I write this call…

If you use it or you think the blackPanther is a project and must be continued, you can help to keep it on the way.
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