blackPanther OS Release v16.1 (Silent Killer) is out!

release_v16It was just a year ago that I was able to announce Release 14.1 to you and now I’m happy to do the same again. After months of hard work, version 16.1 (Silent Killer) of blackPanther OS has been released. In keeping with tradition and due to a good number of optimisations, we are still able to fit on a 700 MB CD-R(W) (you need to enable overburn before writing the ISO to disc).


Several major components:

  • Kernel 4.7.0
  • Qt5 5.6.1
  • Plasma + (components) 5.7.1/5.24.0/16.04.3
  • Python3 3.5.1
  • Calamares installer
  • Etc.

A few screenshots, and the video from installation. Thanks to Linux-Help Youtube Channel Team.

Installing to/from a USB device:

In Windows, ImageUSB ( is recommended. The ISO needs to be dumped on the USB device in DD mode, otherwise the system won’t boot!

If you are using blackPanther OS already or any other distribution, ISODumper ( may also be the tool of choice.

Downloadig the ISO:

You can download the ISO from the [mirrors ]

Make sure the md5 checksum of the downloaded ISO matches the md5 checksum posted here before burning/dumping the ISO!

MD5:  3787ce62a37db22d9a77b2f29d8a6e10  blackPantherOS-v16.1-SilentKiller-CD.iso
To share your ideas or experience with other users, please visit our Facebook page:

Graphical package management:

For this release, we would have liked to use Plasma-Discover as the graphical package manager as well. Currently, the installation of this program is not recommended due to its instability and operational errors; instead, the following graphical package managers can be used: App-Helper (default), Apper (qt4), SMart (Gtk),Gnome-software (Gtk3), RPMdrake (perl-Gtk) (and we are working on the implementation of Discover)

gnome-software  RPMDrake Software Manager

(first pics: installing gnome-software  OR second: installing rpmdrake)

Command line package management:

#installing xypackage name (package management engine is automatically selected)

E.g.:  installing gimp


removing gimp

Help:  installing --help

Video Demo:


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  1. Hi,

    A small release announcement is published here

    I think, this is the first time I notice this distribution. I’m going to explore this distro soon.

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