blackPanther OS v16.2SE released

It was just 9 months ago that I was able to announce Release 16.1 to you and now I’m happy to do the same again. After months of hard work, version 16.2SE (Silent Killer) of blackPanther OS has been released. In keeping with tradition and due to a good number of optimisations, we are still able to fit on a 700 MB CD-R(W) and we made a new ~1,4GB DVD (half-rolling) release as well.

Several major components:

  • Kernel 4.9.20 (supports up to 64GB RAM)
  • Xorg 1.19 and vga drivers
  • Qt5 5.6.2 Plasma5 5.8.6
  • Redesigned installer
  • New desktop layout
  • Replaced many default software, e.g. Double Commander to Krusader Better
  • App-helper with many new good applications
  • New App-Mime integration for system settings
  • Etc.

We are still fighting with the Hungarian government for educational independence in Hungary…

The Official channels:

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  3. ) Facebook brand page

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