First public beta 2 from Silent Killer (v16.1)

Yes, its time has come again! After well over a year of planning, development, and now the Charles K. Barcza /core developer/ has announce the first public beta release of blackPanther OSSilent Killer – v16.1!

The distro short details:

Size: 700MB ISO
Plasma5 5.6.1 – Framework 5.24.0
Qt5 5.6.1
Systemd 230
Kernel 4.6.0 (we working on 4.7.0 rc)



Extras in repository:

Cinnamon-desktop-environment. Mate-desktop-environment, XFce4-desktop-environment




Please remember, this is a BETA release. If you found a hard bug, please report me! Thank you.


ISO from or under faster mirrors in download menu

MD5 : 7cc538f76023ba2c6b14b8347e64fb28  blackPantherOS-v16.1-SilentKiller-BETA2-CD.iso

Know errors:

Plymouth temp disabled because prevent the KMS/DRM loading
Grub2 edit fonts size/type wrong in theme 
App-Helper repository auto-update (under development)
Other locales packages not fit in CD size but are available in repos
Some packages maybe missing in repository
Slow boot from USB