Important Update Notice( II.)

After a litte bit long time I put here this important post. We lost the main mirror-server domain (provided by bP-user previusly). Then upgrade process is failed when if you tried the package installing or system upgrade. So I hope this post will helpful to you to solve these problems.
The blackPanther-default-apps package solve this problem permanently. The new package always provide static mirror list and IMS core scirpt (Intelligent Mirror Selector) already.

First step:

Please download the package and install it:

Reboot your system after the package installed.

The important changes will apply automatically in the BlackPanther OS main system…

Important Update II. (if you have a Realtek®Wifi)

If your PC included Realtek Wifi device, you need to upgrade the kernel modules to solve the main system freeze.

Certainly affected device:

Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 81xx and 87xx

This packages automatically update all core WiFi driver:

If packages install finished, please reboot system or if you are an advanced user, you are able to reload kernel modules maually.

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