Kids protect -again- on desktop

I’m written before, about that how  important the childeren protect on PC’s. This service available under blackPanther OS. But how  i can set the PC usage duration? Need for you the kchildlock application! The kchildlock is a tool to monitor and restrict the time a children spends on the computer. The limits can be specified per day of the week, by lower and upper hour limits, maximum daily usage time, and maximum weekly usage time. The same restriction limits can be applied to applications based on the user login. It requires the blackPanther OS with KDE4 Desktop.

Kchildlock installation:
1.) first step the repositories updating

#updating repo Update

2.)Install package for service

#installing kchildlock

3.1) adding user to the system (if already the user, skip this step)


3.2) set a password in terminal or on userdrake interface gui


4.) setting up kchildlock in systemsettings (Module name: Childeren Lock)

Select and click for this:

Add a user to restriction list and set the depending in Weekdays:

Set the usage duration for everyday:

Set the applications depending on daytime

Set the usage duration for applications

Press the apply button and now tell to the children:) Enjoy!

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