Make bootable blackPanther USB on Windows, Mac or other Linux

We have received multiple user notifications on having encountered problems when trying to dump the blackPanther OS ISO to flash drives on different platforms that rendered the system unable to boot. Now we have found the solution for you. Dumping the blackPanther OS ISO couldn’t be easier than in these three steps as shown below.

What’s more, you are now able to dump the ISO on any platform. Simply download the current version of blackPanther OS of your choice and dump it on a USB flash drive using this tool. These screenshots were taken on Windows:



  • Windows (Archive compressed with 7z!)

  1. Windows 7/8/10 32bit/64bit (portable) here 〉〉
  2. Windows 7/8/10 32bit/64bit (setup) here 〉〉
  • Mac OSX (dmg)

  1. Darwin 64bit here 〉〉

Use: Click on download, and run the isowriter-64bit-darwin.dmg

  • Linux (portable, needs fuse to be installed)

  1. Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Fedora/Arch/blackPanther/etc. 32bit here 〉〉
  2. Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Fedora/Arch/blackPanther/etc 64bit here 〉〉
  3.  AppImage (32bit) or  AppImage (64bit) (optional: chmod +x )

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