Manage Your Mobile Phone via Bluetooth

This document describes how to manage your mobile phone with Wammu via bluetooth on blackPanther OS. Depending on the manufacturer and model of your mobile phone, you’ll be able to retrieve your contacts (SIM & phone), calls, messages, todos, calendar and system information. You can also create contacts, events, todos and messages or manage data backups. In addition you can use the bluetooth manager to access your mobile phone like a standard storage media.

1 Preliminary Note

I used a Sony Ericsson for this howto. Have a look at the list of supported phones and the phone database to find out if your mobile phone is supported by Wammu.

2 Getting started

2.1 Bluetooth Manager Configuration

The bluetooth manager is available in the KDE panel or gnome-panel . Right click on it and select “Device Manager  or Preferences”.

And press add button to add to new phone device.

the means must be paired with

The after finished set to trusted device

3. Phone magagement via Wammu

Wammu is a phone manager with many features. Have a look at the list of supported phones and the phone database to find out if your mobile phone is supported, and if it is, which features are available for your model.

3.1 Installation

Install the following package with your preffered package manager:

  • wammu

or type a command promt:

#installing \

Afterwards Wammu is available in the applications menu.

3.2 Phone Setup

If you start Wammu for the first time (or choose “search phone” in the wammu menu) the Wammu phone configuration wizard appears.

Because I had problems with the automatic configuration I chose the guided configuration.

Select “Bluetooth” and proceed.

If you know your phone type, select it in the menu – otherwise select “I don’t know”.

Here you have to select the connection type for your mobile phone. Have a look at the list of supported phones and the phone database to find out which connection type is the correct one for your mobile phone.

Select the driver that you want to use for your phone. Again, have a look at the list of supported phones and the phone database.

You’ll be asked to enter the port where your mobile phone is connected. Open a terminal an enter:

#hcitool scan

The output should look like this:

00:16:B8:30:77:55 Erxn (The port and the name of your mobile phone)

Enter the port into th corresponding field and proceed.

The connection is beeing tested

If all went well, you should see this window – the phone has been found. The test before going to press ‘connect’ button and pairing devices

You can change the name for the mobile phone if you want.

3.3 Usage

Now Wammu is ready to be used. Click on “Phone” and select “Connect”.

The connection is beeing established.

Now Wammu is connected to your mobile phone. The battery charge and the signal strength are shown at the bottom of the window. As a first step you should transfer the contents of your mobile phone to your system. Click on “Retrieve” and select what you want to transfer.

E.g.: My contac, SMS, etc. are beeing transfered.

With Wammu you’re also able to send messages (screenshot below) or make backups from your data.

it was easy ?

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