Multiple Dropbox account under blackPanther OS

Multiple Dropbox Running

So here is it, the tutorial to run multiple Dropbox accounts in blackPanther OS

NoteThe below tutorial assumes that you have already installed (and configured) your primary Dropbox account in your computer.

The default folder for Dropbox is /home/Dropbox. You have to setup another folder and configure another instance of Dropbox to run in that folder.

Firstly, create two custom folders. Both have the same name except that one has a “.” in front of its name (For example .dropbox-mte and dropbox-mte in this tutorial). The folder with the ‘.’ will contain the configuration files while the other one will contain your files to be synced.

Secondly, open the terminal and type the command:

HOME=$HOME/.dropbox-mte /usr/bin/dropbox start -i

The setup window will appear and guide you through the configuration process. When it asks you for the Dropbox location, check the option “I want to choose where to put my Dropbox folder” and select the other folder that you have created.

Run multiple dropbox accounts on startup

In your system, open a text editor ( kwrite or mcedit). Paste the following:

HOME=$HOME/.dropbox-mte /usr/bin/dropbox start

Save the file as in your Home folder.

Make it executable:

chmod 755 ~/

Go to System  Settings-> Start and Stop-> Click [Add Script] button and browse your script location, select and click OK.

Well done;-)


if you get a “Protocol not specified” message, copy  the Xauthory file to second Dropbox directory.

cp ~/.Xauthory  ~/.dropbox-mte/

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