Package management reference for apt users

As it has been a little while since I used apt (and dpkg) this list is not complete.

If you have any suggestions or see something missing, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Original APT command : blackPanther English based command : blackPanther Hungarian based command :
apt-get install package installing package telepites csomagnév
apt-get remove package removing package eltavolitas csomagnév
apt-cache show package pakageinfo package csomaginfo csomagnév
dpkg -i ./packagefullnamewithpath installing ./packagefullanamewithpath telepites ./csomagteljesneveutvonallal
Real example: Real example: Valós példa:
apt-get install firefox installing firefox telepites firefox

More easy commands available in blackPanther OS system. Type and run in opened konsole the following command for easy commands list:

Command name In default system: commands Command in the Hungarian language system: parancsok

Easy english based commands list  in blackPanther OS