We have to announce a bad news: R.I.P Robert Valentin

Robert searched us about 8 years ago on the #blackPanther.hu IRC channel. His kindness, helpfulness and his willing to do something made us lock him in our hearts and to accommodate him as a honorary member, to consider him as our friend. He was on our channel as „@brobert”, and he contributed with graphic ideas on our former IT magazine’s plans and preparations. He also undertook to bring the Serbian line of blackPanther OS officially and submitted it, he wrote articles to people who live in Serbia.


He never said anything bad about anyone, he always has new ideas for us, even tough he had a lot of heavy burdens, problems and a disease aggravated his personal and everyday life.

Let me show you the moment when he found us again:

[Sunday 30 Oct 2011] [12:12:12] <V3ct0r> Robert Bálint előkerült!
[Sunday 06 Nov 2011] [18:18:57] <VectDroid> Robertbalint2 skypere fel tudod vennik?
[Sunday 06 Nov 2011] [18:23:00] <VectDroid> [06/11/2011 16:57:24] Robert Balint: Kérem jelentkezzen valaki, ki segiteni tud a bp-kapcsolatban

I talked with him only a few weeks ago about fixing the quality of Internet wifi-connection, that how can we solve the problem. Eventually, we said „we’ll figure something out” next time. He never complained, he never said how serious his condition was, but in the end -on the 22nd night of october, 2015, he went to the land of peace and left us.

His beloved guitar solo will play for him, and for you, this is a song from him as a goodbye.

His memory in our hearts and blackPanther OS, will live forever.

The brobert.@.blackpanther.hu address for Robert’s memory is archived and locked to forever.

Farewell my friend have a nice trip on your new way!

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