Secure watch and recording with ZoneMinder

This is a short How-to for installing ZoneMinder on blackPanther OS with RPMs Currently RPMS are available for v11.1. Requires  installed:

blackPanther OS v11.1 , Apache webserver  , MySQL-server, ZoneMinder

and compatible cameras or a USB webcam.

After the blackPanther OS installed need you run the system repository update!

Manual Update command:

updating repo Update

Manual installation through rpm command

Download your choosen RPM from the listed repositories. Start console and run:

installing zoneminder

The installer will automatically select and install the dependencies: MySQL-, Apache-server and some packages. After you successfully installed all RPMs in the console. Run the following commands to start Apache and MySQL:

services httpd start

if you want check Apache running:type the broser addresbar:

Note for systemd users: all output is redirected to /var/log/messages instead of printing them on stdout and stderr which means if something goes wring you should have a look at /var/log/httpd/error_log

When you plan to start ZoneMinder at boot, you can now add Apache and MySQL for automatic start by typing:

services httpd on

services mysqld on

Initializing ZoneMinder

Log in into root console and run:

services zm start

And follow the messages on screen. If this first start or upgrade need you run zminit in root console and enter the requires informations:


and follow the steps on the screen. This script will setup the ZoneMinder database, creating the zm_admin user for database access and update the /etc/zm.conf

To enable the start of ZoneMinder at boot enter:

service zm on

After this ZoneMinder will start at boot after apache2 and mysql were started.

After successfully installation the ZoneMinder web interface can be reached at Login with ‘admin’ username and password

If you want monitoring the installed cameras without browser then a good solution the ZMviewer Qt based client. This application also available in repositories.

installing zmviewer

And run from menu :