The Silent Killer Second Edition – v16.1.2


Thanks to people who tested the previous release and sent me reports of issues, I use(d) this useful information to fix them. As a result, the Secon Edition of blackPanther OS, v16.1.2 (Silent Killer) is now available!

The short changelog of the new release:

– Limited the ISO size to 700MB
– Added additional locales support to the ISO (other locales and the kde-l10n files are available in the repos)
– Added the latest Telapathy
– Added Online Accounts support
– Added Telegram support to Plasma
– Added Google Drive support to Dolphin
– Updated to the latest IMS
– Disabled the screenlocker
– Disabled NumLock On status (Laptop issuse)
– Added important updates, DRI, Radeon drivers
– Added Radeon-firmware
– App-Helper extended version
– More new App-Helper items in menu
– Added Control Center support for Light Desktops (by DrakConf)

Naturally, all updates are still available for the v16.1 older version.


When dumpimg the ISO to USB flash drive under Windows, ImageUSB ( is recommended.

The ISO needs to be dumped on the USB device in DD mode, otherwise the system won’t boot! Rufus and other tools don’t work correctly with this ISO.

On other Linux:

When dumpimg the ISO to USB flash drive on other Linux distributions, use the dd command or dd-mode!

Howto Install step by step (Thanks to LinuxHelp!)

Howto Videos to Install

More video tutorials for blackPanther OS – Thanks to makers

Screenshots of Second Release


Downloadable ISO available on local or mirror servers


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