The first BETA release of blackPanther OS v18.1 (Renegade)

Certain websites announced in the past few weeks – using their own resources – that the beta of the latest blackPanther OS 18.1 (Renegade) has been released. These news were obviously fake since we have not yet disclosed such information. Not until now, that is.

We would hereby like to announce the third beta release. Please note, as it is highly important, that this public ISO is in beta stage and is not the final release. The aim of this release is to test system stability on a larger scale in different hardware environments and – with the users’ assistance – to reveal those errors that we did not experience in our own test environment or simply failed to notice.

We recommend this ISO to anyone who is able to submit a useful bug report on their own. Please upload the data included in the bug report to If you are unsure of your report, please consult the more experienced users in the user group on Facebook.

The current ISO does not (yet) contain the new graphic elements and design, we still have work to do in this respect to make sure the best one is included in the final release. The use of the repositories is limited and is only recommended to more experienced users, since content is still being uploaded and the content of these repositories constantly changes with the uploaded error corrections. It practically means updates to content several times daily and applications’ dependencies are not always available. This will only be finalised when the final version is released.

What can be surely known of the final release…

According to the release schedule, blackPanther OS 18.1 (Renegade) is planned to be released in the last calendar days of December, 2018. If, for some reason, we see that we will fail to meet this deadline, the release will naturally be delayed, however, we believe we will be able to adhere to the schedule. Lots of new features will be introduced in the new version and the system will be given a new design, as a result, we are also more cautious. Also, beginning with Renegade, the releases will see other drastic changes introduced as well since we are planning to release different versions.

  • blackPanther OS 18.1 (Renegade) Lite – 32*/64 bit

    This version is free to download and can be used without limitations. The installer contains a minimum selection of software, the user needs to install all other software on demand.

  • blackPanther OS 18.1 (Renegade) Pro – 64 bit

    Following the release of the final version, this version (BETA) will only be available as a commercial solution (to natural and legal persons) with a rich selection of software and a freely usable personal account following purchase

    Do you want become a reseller or local distributor? Please send your enquiries to: info @

  • blackPanther Server – 64 bit

    Free to use for natural person users and developers, for business purposes it will only be available as a commercial solution. Among the services offered by the server by default are: Samba, LDAP, Kerberos FTP, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Shorewall, SSHd, EncFS, DLNA servers and web configuration interface (option: minimal x), etc. (On demand: MAC-based kernel)

  • blackPanther OS ARM (Raspberry, Tablet)

    We would like to survey the potential demand for us to create an ARM version of the operating system. We will create a vote on our Facebook page.

We make the commercial solution available free of charge for educational institutions on the basis of individual assessment if the institution concerned contributes to the blackPanther OS project by providing education, holding presentations, development, error correction, etc.

Please send your questions, enquiries to ugyfelkapcsolat @

Renegade and Renegade Pro Desktop plan

On our YouTube channel you can find lots of demonstration and tutorial videos. If you have not yet seen the intro video of blackPanther OS 18.1 (Renegade), you can watch it here:



Download “blackPanther OS v18.1 (Renegade)” blackPantherOS-v18.1-x86_64-Renegade-DVD.iso – Downloaded 6668 times –

In the future

Please collect information from our official websites or consult our experienced users if you are interested.