The Microsoft is a thief or innovator when copies Hungarian technologies?!

An article about the innovation of Windows 11 has appeared on and on Microsoft Documentation site as well, with which there is only one issue that we have already invented it in 2012 and then we have developed it to today’s level, and it has existed in our system as a basic program since 2014 (so for the 7th year) ! Moreover, this unique technological solution is also a trademark of the Hungarian blackPanther OS, in hungarian it is an AppHelper service.

The concept of our development was exactly the same as what HVG claims.

Quote from the article:

… Performance optimization has been the aim in Windows 11, which is why it has moved to a new strategy for applications in the operating system. Many of them will only exist as shortcuts in the Start menu and will only be downloaded from the app store when the user clicks on this icon…

Not an innovation from Microsoft!

It seems for Microsoft it is not enough to “outperform competing systems”, now it has been proven once again that it steals free software development ideas and incorporate them into its commercial products.

Since 2012, AppHelper has been one of the most important bastions of the unique developments of the Hungarian blackPanther OS!

The only serious issue with our AppHelper program was that it was NOT a free development , we never released it under a GPL license, as this feature is also a unique trademark of the blackPanther OS, so we are going to take legal actions against Microsoft!

You can see the service and the development of blackPanther OS AppHelper in a 2015

and also in a video made in 2019.

and in 2021.

The AppHelper Function Description and Operation:

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