The first aim af the developers to create an operating system, which blurs the big differences in appearance and services between Windows and blackPanther OS and gives the possibility to the users to change their system to a more relieable and secure environment in the most cheap way.


The system is ready for both desktop and server use, our associates do their job exclusively on blackPanther OS systems. Our longest standing partner usesblackPanther OS for office use blackPanther OS powered machines since 5 years without any break and he is very pleased with it. We’ve got schools among our users who use blackPanther OS for educational purposes.

Main advantages:

  • Fast migration
  • Fast & easy install
  • Versatility
  • Flexibility
  • High security, virus free
  • Wide range of softwares
  • Free and commercial solutions
  • Easy, fast and regular updates
  • Collective of high standar
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