Preparing Installation CD in Windows


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    1. Download blackPanther OS: from here

    blackPanther CD can be used to check whether your hardware is ready for installing blackPanther OS. However, note that, it cannot be used to install blackPanther OS to your hard disk. In order to install blackPanther OS, you must download the blackPanther OS Install CD ISO file mentioned above.

    2. The downloaded .iso file can be checked with the “MD5/SHA hash tool”, which can be obtained from here.

    3. Download Active IsoBurner (it is less than 0.5MB and does not require installation) from here, unzip the files, and run the program, or use Nero CD Burning tool. Sample:

    4. Choose the .iso image to burn, and proceed, make sure to burn the CD at the lowest speed possible to avoid data corruption.

    5. To proceed with the installation, have a look in one of the Installation Manuals and Videos.

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